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Other Policies

Our Filming, Photography & Tax Policy

The following details out some of our other policies you may be interested in specifically with regards to our approach to taxes, as well as our considerations and protections when we put together our photographic and cinematic media.

At the heart of our tax policy is transparency. At Davidsons Homes, we not only want to be clear about how we operate with our customers, but with our employees and partners too.

The same goes for our filming and photography policy, we want each model we use to be clear on how we plan to use their likeness and to feel reassured that their image will be produced and used in an ethical manner.

We have kept our policies simple, brief and easy to understand because our approach to doing business need not be needlessly convoluted. We take pride in being an open book with each and every one of our stakeholders and hope you are able to find the answers to any questions you may have about how we operate below.

However, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team if you do have any questions about any of our policies referred to below. We are here to help and want you to feel fully confident when working with Davidsons Homes.

Other Policies


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