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Did you know you can save £183* on your energy bills - each month!

Our commitment: to save you money and get us all going greener with our energy efficient homes

Did you know that older, second hand homes have lower ‘EPC’ ratings which in turn mean you spend more to run them every year? Plus, the costs you could face to replace your windows, boiler and radiators could quickly creep into tens of thousands.

That’s where a Davidsons home comes in.

At Davidsons, we combine character, period features, distinctive nods to local architecture and a community feel you won’t find on any other new build development – alongside all of the contemporary technology and materials a buyer needs today.

Our homes across the South and East Midlands are rated EPC B or above, meaning on an average house, you could save as much as £183* a month on your energy bills when the energy prices rise again in the Spring. That’s because our new build properties are built to higher standards in-line with modern building regulations. So, you can be sure your new home is far cheaper to run than an older home – which we know is more important than ever as energy costs continue to rise.

Plus, you can buy your new home with peace of mind that your purchase isn’t just good news for your pocket, but good news for the planet too. That’s because collectively, new build home buyers are reducing carbon emissions by over 500,000 tonnes a year.

  • *Estimated annual energy savings of up to £2,200 per year or £183 based on findings from the HBF’s “Watt a Save” report, July 2023


Our Energy Efficient features:

Improved insulation

Not only do we use almost 16 inches (400mm) of insulation in our roof spaces, we also have insulated concrete flooring and an insulated cavity in our block and brick walls. To put it simply, think of it like a layer of thermals for your entire home – designed to trap the heat to keep you cosy inside for longer, whatever the weather.

Traditional windows with contemporary technology

We combine the character of Victoriana and Georgiansash windows with all of the benefits of modern day uPVC glazing. This means you don’t have to compromise on period charm to get cost-saving practicality. Double glazing is used throughout our homes to minimise heat loss and keep your heating bills down.

Boilers that bring bills down

Every new home we build comes with a brand new energy efficient boiler installed, along with radiators which have either thermostatic valves or separate heating zones that can be controlled by an individual programmer. This allows you to regulate room temperatures more easily and efficiently with less waste.

Front doors that fight the frost

Our front doors may boast traditional detailing like gold ironmongery, period-style porches and hand carved insignias, but inside, they have a host of contemporary energy efficient credentials. Our front doors are ‘composite’, meaning the hard wood exterior has durable insulating materials and steel reinforcement – keeping draughts out while also providing extra security for your family.

Heating your home for less

Our design team spend time considering every aspect of your new home, right down to the size and placement of your radiators. Ensuring all rooms are adequately heated, we have a range of radiator sizes that we install in prime locations throughout your home for optimum easy-to-regulate temperature control.

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