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Considering a career in real estate? Welcome to Davidsons Homes! We are a group of people passionate about crafting beautiful homes, designed with traditional values. We are and want to continue to be well versed in every aspect of building unique homes with a classical flair. To do that, we need your expertise. We need the expertise of people who take pride in being the best at what they do. We need creative minds, unafraid to challenge us and unafraid of a challenge themselves. At Davidsons Homes, we want our homes to be more than just boxes to be lived in, and we want our employees to be more than just people willing to go along with the tried and tested. There was a time when homes were built to stand the test of time, to be architectural marvels with legacies – we need people who have the drive to bring that prestige back to the art of home building. If you are sure that’s definitely you, then please come onboard. We are a diverse, driven and dynamic team and our roles reflect that. So why don’t you start your journey by browsing through all the various roles and opportunities below? We can’t wait to create with you!

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