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Davidsons Homes apprentice receives bricklayer of the year at the NHBC awards

Congratulations to Davidsons Homes apprentice Bricklaying apprentice, Jack, as he receives NHBC Bricklayer of the year award at the NHBC awards.

After some exposure to construction thanks to his father’s career in building, Jack decided that a career in this area was the right route for him too. He investigated several pathways into the house-building industry before deciding to begin an apprenticeship with Davidsons Homes and training at the NHBC Bricklaying Hub in Tamworth.


Jack knew he liked many aspects of construction, including other trades but decided that he wanted to focus on bricklaying. After leaving school he looked at apprenticeship options to develop his skills and secured one with Davidsons Homes.

Building confidence

One of the main challenges an apprentice can face is heading out on to a site without any prior experience. Construction sites can be daunting, so how can apprentices have the time and space to learn yet also become familiar with this distinctive environment?

NHBC have found a solution through its site-realistic training hubs, which accurately recreate a site environment by:

  • Reflecting a real-life site layout
  • Working to site hours
  • Applying the same health and safety standards as you’d experience on site
  • Employing knowledgeable tutors with first-hand experience of working on sites themselves
  • Having an outdoor working area that is used throughout the year.

Jack explained “I’ve really enjoyed being at the hub and it’s been great to do the practical, hands-on side of the trade from the very start. I know it was helpful for me to have been able to get out and practice for those first five weeks at the very start. It helped me gain momentum and gave me a lot more confidence as being at the hub is just like being on site – the working hours are the same, the ways of doing things are the same, and you’re outside so experience weather changes just like you would at work.”

Learning and earning:

One of the many advantages of an apprenticeship is that people can learn and develop new skills while also earning money.

Jack said “I would recommend an apprenticeship as it’s a great way to learn; I’ve not only gained bricklaying skills but also other things I’d not considered, for example I’ve expanded my people skills and learnt a lot about communication. I knew I really wanted to learn about bricklaying so the opportunity to do this while also still earning money really attractive to me. It’s so important people know that this is a benefit of an apprenticeship which can just be the first part of a really great career.”

Beginning a career in construction:

Jack has recently completed his bricklaying apprenticeship at Level 2, passing with a distinction. He is looking forward to putting his skills into practice for the foreseeable future, potentially working with his dad one day or even eventually starting his own construction business.

Fran Beet, Group HR Director, said “Davidsons wants to congratulate Jack on all his hard work and passing with a distinction. Jack always strives to produce work he is proud of and its clear he’s put that same commitment into his apprenticeship from the very start.

This apprenticeship program is proving to be the right choice to encourage young people into the house-building industry, giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence they need for a successful career in construction, as well as start to tackle the skills shortage the industry is facing.”

NHBC is proud to offer apprenticeships that support those entering the house-building industry, meet the needs of house builders and help to address the skills gap facing this industry.

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