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Davidsons Homes teams up with Market Harborough Fire and Rescue Station to improve safety for locals

Local housebuilder Davidsons Homes has partnered with Market Harborough Fire and Rescue Station, offering them the facilities to train the team in a ‘real-life’ environment.

The fire rescue team visited the housebuilder’s Wellington Place development on Monday 27th November, using one of the developer’s four-bedroom homes to carry out essential training exercises which could one day help the service to save lives.

Owain Raymond and the rest of the team utilised the spacious home to test their procedures in a smoke-filled atmosphere, judging response times and ensuring the life-saving exercises were completed speedily and efficiently.

Owain said: “It can be a struggle to find a home to practise our procedures in, so we’re very grateful to Davidsons Homes for letting us ‘borrow’ one of their homes for the day. It can be especially hard to find a large space to test the team in, but the four-bedroom property we were offered was absolutely ideal.

“These tests help us to work in situations as close to ‘real life’ as possible, so it is important that we are able to complete them as quickly and methodically as possible. Other styles of learning absolutely have their place, but nothing quite beats testing in a real smoke-filled home, making the scenario as close to real call-outs as possible.

“Ultimately, these tests help us to save lives, so we’re grateful for any support we receive. On that note, we’re also recruiting for on-call positions for the 7pm to 7am shift, so if anyone reading this fancies trying out for the fire service, please google us and get in touch.”

Stephanie King, Sales Director for Davidsons East Midlands, said: “We’ve been building in Market Harborough for a while now and really feel we’ve become a part of the community, so we were genuinely delighted to help the fire service out in this way by ‘lending’ them a home to practise in.

“Our four-bedroom Southall is a spacious home, so gave the team plenty of space to test their procedures in. It was such an interesting experience and we’re glad we’ve played our part in helping to make Market Harborough an even safer, more wonderful place to live in.”


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