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Have your very own Peaky Blinders bar in your living room

@davidsons_homes When staying in is the new going out, do it in style… SHELBY STYLE!🥃🛢️#peakyblinders #peakyblindertiktok #peakyblindersedits #showhome ♬ original sound – SOUNDTRIP ❤️🔥

Want to create a truly immersive Peaky Blinders immersive experience every time you have drinks at yours? Our Peaky Blinders bar set up will make you feel like one of the Shelby’s long-lost cousins. Our set up is designed to give your home a fun and sophisticated early 1900s feel, with a vintage charm lifted directly from the popular TV show.

Here at Davidsons Homes, we’re known for our homes crafted with traditional values and it doesn’t get more much more traditional than a Shelby-style bar right in your living room. Incorporating some of the most stylish elements from a different and altogether unique time, every day will feel like a movie with this exquisite feature.

From the bars to the stools, we’re excited to be able to provide you with all the Peaky Blinders bar accessories you’ll need to make the whole thing feel authentic (although unfortunately flat caps aren’t included), giving every night a whole other level of memorability.

Give your visitors something to talk about and distinguish your home from any other with this exclusive Davidsons Home feature. Create a timeless look with your very own Peaky Blinders bar and unlock your inner Shelby.

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