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Apprenticeship scheme gives Harry the best of all worlds

Ahead of National Apprenticeship Week (6th-12th February 2023), we’re celebrating some of our hard-working apprentices.

20-year-old Harry Willars, from Bagworth, joined Davidsons Homes’ apprenticeship scheme in the summer last year. Now over halfway through his course, Harry has learnt a multitude of disciplines in the construction industry.

After attending college for three years and completing a Graphic Design and IT course, Harry decided that the best use of his skills would be in the building industry.

Harry spoke to his dad and researched local companies, eventually choosing Davidsons Homes as the employer he wanted to work for. Now studying to be a Construction Support Technician at Stephenson Campus, just outside Coalville, Harry spends one week out of every five or six in college.

Harry said: “After college, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do as a career, so I spoke to my dad who recommended the building trade. He works with quite a lot of local housebuilders but told me that Davidsons Homes are the very best. Handily, they are also based not far from where I live in Bagworth, so I was really pleased when they accepted me as an apprentice.

“Their apprenticeship course is so thorough, because you spend a full year out onsite learning exactly how they build houses, before you do anything else. I originally joined with the intention of heading for the Design team, but actually I realised that I love working in every department.

“Being out onsite was fantastic as I learnt so much and was made to feel so welcome. But equally, working within the Sales team was also amazing and I took in so much information about their processes.

“The honest truth is that I’ve enjoyed working in every single department, and it’s going to be a really tough decision in August next year, when I have to decide where I want to focus my attention.

“Davidsons Homes as a company have been incredible. Everyone there wants you to gain all the knowledge and training possible to be successful. No one has minded me asking questions, they’ve all been so helpful. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

“Whatever path I choose in August, I’d like it to be with Davidsons. And whatever it is, I know I’ll enjoy it and will put 100 per cent of my efforts and determination into doing a good job.”

Jason Glover, Operations Director for Davidsons Homes, said: “It’s vital to encourage the next generation of talented, dedicated young people into the construction industry, and Harry is a shining example of that.

“There are so many brilliant opportunities within the construction industry for those looking at a successful, fulfilling career, and it’s important that we as housebuilders have robust and welcoming schemes for young people to find their place within the trade.”

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