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Building A Better Future

Here’s some good news. When you buy one of our traditionally crafted homes they are already energy efficient (and with lower monthly bills). But we’re taking all this one step further with our new Homes of the Future. They are still characteristically Davidsons; just more efficient, saving even more money and being even kinder to the planet,

Using pioneering new technology also helps ensure the amount of carbon dioxide we produce in daily life is reduced. This is important in tackling climate change and achieving net zero. What that means is when we produce these gases we need to take the same amount away to retain a balance. Take a look and see how your new home of the future will do this while saving you more and costing the planet less.

Cutting emissions, and Part L

All UK emissions must reach net zero by 2050. For committed homebuilders like us, this begins with following guidelines set out in a government initiative called Part L to reduce the carbon emissions homes produce by 31%. By 2025, a 75-80% reduction means heading towards a net zero goal by 2050. Our journey has begun, so why not join us to find out more, so we can all feel part of something better.

Integrated solar panels

These sit flush with the roof in place of tiles so they fit with the fabric of the home. It doesn’t have to be sunny for them to work; they keep collecting energy whatever the weather! The panels we use are high performance with a protective coating, and weather-tight. They come with installation guarantees, are MCS & BBA certified and with no annual service required, so you can let them get on with the job of producing the power you need to keep your home running.

Hot water solar cylinder and flue gas heat recovery combi boiler
Even our boilers are busy saving energy by preheating the cold water and recycling waste energy.  Our 4 & 5 bedroom homes benefit from a Solar PV Priority Cylinder, so you’re using power generated by the panels, while our 1, 2 & 3 bedroom homes are fitted with a flue gas heat recovery unit which recovers heat from the waste flue to preheat cold water lowering the amount of energy used.

Electric vehicle charger   

Keep your vehicle topped up at all times with our electric car chargers. It’s controlled, scheduled, and monitored via a mobile app, with commissioning via Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices. If you didn’t have an electric car before, it’s a great incentive to get one now.

Waste water and heat recovery

Enjoy a rejuvenating shower happy in the knowledge water going down the drain is being used to heat it up! The inbuilt unit has a very clever heat recovery and exchange system that warms up the cold water you are using. So that’s less work for your boiler to do, and you’re saving money at the same time.

A+ rated loft insulation

A quarter of heat can be lost through the roof in an uninsulated home. For it to be effective it needs to be continuous, that’s with no gaps so there’s no way for the cold air to circulate on the warm side of it. That’s why we insulate the loft with an increased depth of 400mm rather than the industry standard 270mm, and the eaves too, to help keep your home toasty.

Increased cavity wall insulation 

We make sure the walls are working hard to retain heat too. Our cavity walls are 50mm wider to accommodate more insulation; this also helps improve sound insulation, as well as helping prevent condensation and mould, so your home is fresher and free from dampness while saving money on heating bills.

Enhanced floor insulation

Even our floors are insulated which means it takes less energy to heat your home and keeps the temperature stable. To insulate both we use thick insulated boards to reduce heat loss, which boosts your home’s comfort and keeps your energy bills low.

Enhanced double glazing

Windows are our view of the world and flood your home with light. Not only that, the windows in Davidsons’s homes are solar reflective, so they protect you from excess heat when the sun does decide to come out. Their double-glazing insulates against heat transfer between the changing indoor and outdoor temperatures, further increasing your energy and cost savings.

Thermally efficient lintels 

Lintels are the structural support used for all the openings in your home, that bear the weight of the masonry above. They’re not just practical, they also contribute toward the design too. The ones we use are up to five times more thermally efficient than a standard steel cavity wall lintel, and significantly contribute towards the overall energy performance of your home.

Enhanced extractor fans

The quality of the air in your home is the icing on the cake when it comes to creating a comfortable living space. The extraction units are fitted to the kitchen, utility, WC and wetrooms to do just this. Not only do they provide health benefits by reducing naturally occurring Radon gas and carbon monoxide, but they are ultra quiet, use the lowest power consumption and prevent condensation.

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