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MP praises ‘greater good’ actions of community group and Davidsons Homes

South Leicestershire MP, Alberto Costa, has praised the work of a Lutterworth community group and a local housebuilder for their intervention in constructing a new fence near the M1 motorway and a new housing development to improve safety for local residents.

Mr Costa has praised a group of locals who have campaigned for a more secure fence between the new housing development on Gloster Road in Lutterworth which is situated near the carriageway of the M1 motorway, and similarly, he has praised the work of Davidsons Homes who have, as a gesture of goodwill, agreed to construct a large secure fence to address local resident’s safety concerns.

Mr Costa said, “This is a brilliant example of housebuilders and the local community working for the greater good, and I am really pleased to see that Davidsons have been cognisant of local concerns and have been very quick in responding positively. This is a very kind gesture of goodwill from the housing developer, and I am very pleased that work will be starting next week with a new and more secure fence due to be built between the new Gloster Road development and the M1 carriageway”.

Mr Jason Glover, Operations Director of Davidson’s Homes, commented, “Davidsons were more than happy to work with the local community for the benefit of all”.

Mr Costa added, “I had been contacted by a group of constituents in Lutterworth a few weeks ago with their concerns regarding the proximity of the new housing development and the motorway, and what was in their opinion, a possible safety risk for families and residents living nearby. I was very pleased to hear from my constituents with their views, and of course delighted to work with Davidsons and the group to act on these concerns for the benefit of the local community”.

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