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Davidsons take the stress out of moving

Alison Brown had recently decorated her home when Davidsons Homes opened their new development in Ibstock. She and her Mum decided to visit to look at the showhome for a few ideas.

Alison said €œI thought the showhome was gorgeous, but didn’t have any intention of moving. However I went back a few times and got chatting to Karen Townsend, the sales manager. I said it would be lovely to move but didn’t think I would be able to buy there. Karen put me in touch with a financial adviser and it turned out that I could. I put my house on the market but the sale fell through a couple of times. Davidsons stepped in to help and found me a new estate agent. My house sold quite quickly, and the sale went through this time.

Alison continued, €œDavidsons also introduced me to a solicitor and the whole process went very smoothly, with everyone working together. They took all the stress off me. Everyone from Davidsons has been fantastic. The site team made sure everything was as it should be when I moved in, and they mowed my lawn too. Karen has been my saviour all the way through, she’s been marvellous,“ there was even a bottle of milk in the fridge when I moved in. I love the development and my new home – it’s just perfect. I can’t believe it’s mine. I feel like I’m house-sitting for someone else.

Stephanie King, sales director at Davidsons Homes, said “€œOur aim is to be placemakers, not just homebuilders. We work hard to make buying a home as easy and enjoyable as possible and it’s fantastic to receive such great feedback from our customers about the way we do things.”

Davidsons Ibstock development is called €˜Baker’s Croft and is opposite Sence Valley Nature Park – currently it has a range of four bedroom homes available from £265,000.

For more information call 07827 015 186 or visit: www.davidsonsgroup.co.uk

Davidsons other Leicestershire developments are at Anstey, Scraptoft Hall and Whetstone, with a range of three, four and five bedroom homes from £215,000. All homes have an excellent specification and there are also lots of ways to personalise your home, depending on the stage of building, by choosing different colours, doors, handles, paint throughout, and lots of other details, many at no extra cost.

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