Three Davidsons employees buy homes at Bakers Croft in Ibstock

Three Davidsons Homes employees are among those who have been snapping up homes at the developer’s Bakers Croft site in Ibstock.

Lee Nicholls, Paul Waterfield and Bayley O’Shea have all been providing a great endorsement to the company they work for by purchasing four bedroom homes The Darlington on the site which is close to Davidsons’ Ibstock headquarters.

Lee, an engineer for the company, moved in with wife Sarah and three-year-old son Jacob a year ago.

They wanted more space for another child, who is now due in January.

“Bakers Croft is a really nice place to live and the quality of the houses sold it,” said Lee. “The wife and kid are loving it.

“We lived in a Victorian terraced house in Swannington and just ran out of space in a three bedroom home.

“We have our little boy in one room, and the wife has her own business that she ran from the other bedroom.

“We were also fed up of sitting in an old, cold home in winter, so new homes were really attractive.

“I had never been interested in buying new despite having worked for a few developers – but with Davidsons it was different.

“Paul actually helped design my home, and seeing it finished inside I think helped him decide to go for the same home.”

Paul Waterfield, Davidsons’ Design Manager, has made the move from Whitwick into his new home with wife Hannah, daughter Phoebe (3) and Harry (17 months).

“It’s the first time that we’ve lived in a new build,” he continued. “The main attraction of The Darlington, was the layout downstairs as it’s all open plan with the kitchen having a great snug area.

“Also the bedrooms upstairs look excellent while all fitting in with our budget.

“I was the urban designer for the site and it does make it feel more exciting seeing it being built.

“It’s great seeing how it has progressed from the plans through the construction and it’s been a really good experience, plus a good learning curve.

“The experience of buying shows you a different side of the process and we can learn from that.”

Customer Care Advisor Bayley O’Shea is moving to Bakers Croft from Measham with husband Sebastian, 12-year-old Tillie and eight-year-old Edward.

“It was purely about the quality of the Davidsons home,” Bayley explained of her choice. “Davidsons are different to other home builders.

“I knew the quality of the designs and service and liked them even before I worked here.

“All of the home are individually designed and the street scenes they create are stunning.

“Seeing what goes on behind the scenes I know how good the customer service is and I now know they’re not only good to work for, but to buy from as well.

“Everything from reserving and keeping us informed has been absolutely fantastic.

“The great kitchen and living area was definitely the selling point as it’s where we’ll spend most of our time, but also the second room downstairs is a favourite as we could do what we want with it.

“It also has that extra bedroom we’re after, but it’s just the quality of the product as a whole that we wanted to buy into.”

The stunning, three, four and five bedroom homes at Bakers Croft are currently available from £240,000.